Top 5 Termites Prevention Tips in the Home

These are some termites prevention tips that will help you. The major concern in most homes and offices in the world today is termite infestation. This pest is such a nuisance that it has caused a lot of damages to many properties worth millions of dollars in several homes yearly. Termites are great enemies of woods as they take delight in destroying woody materials of the home.

termites prevention tips

Many people know the kind of damages termites can cause to their properties. Hence, the need to acquaint oneself with proven termites prevention tips and how to control these pests. There was no cure for these infestations decades ago but significant improvements have been made in recent years. Extensive research and technology in controlling pests have been positive and a couple of hypotheses have been put forward.

Still, finding the right solution for your home or office is of high importance. There are a number of companies that claim to offer solutions to the termites’ infestation but many of their strategies are ineffective. However, it is essential that you understand some basics, which are unknown to many people, on how to eradicate termites from your premises.

Termites Prevention Tips

In order to successfully remove termites from your premises, follow the proven termites’ prevention tips below.

1.     Identify the problem

Before you implement any solution method, it is important for you to know the core problem from the root. You should be able to answer questions like; “which kind of termites are infesting and what type of solution do you need?

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2.     Remove all stagnant water

Wastewater accumulated over a long time breeds insects and pests where termites are not excluded. If you have any standing water in your house or office, whether in a bowl, container, or in the environment, displace them immediately. Some other things you can do is to replace the water in your ponds and plant pots regularly and fix all leaking pipes.

3.     Maintain kitchen sanity

The kitchen is the pillar of the house where you prepare foods. Likewise, this is where you keep most of your garbage. This is why it is essential to keep your kitchen clean and tidy every day. More so, dispose of all half-eaten fruits, veggies, left-over foods, and wastes as they will only attract insects, including termites. 

4.     Use termites-repellant materials for your home construction

Switch to termite-repelling materials for your home construction. This is essentially useful if you are living in an environment prone to termite infestations. Use steel cabinets instead of wooden ones as well as other wooden materials in your house. This will reduce the damage caused by termites while likewise reducing the number of bucks you need to renovate your home every now and then. You can also see some natural termites repellents here.

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5.     Fix all holes and gaps in your home

Shock and fill up all the holes and gaps in your home. This will ensure that termites do not gain access to certain places in your house.

Above all, it is also wise to immediately contact a professional pest control company when you start noticing termites’ infestation in your home before they start to damage your expensive properties. These are just a few proven termites prevention tips for you.

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