Learn the 5 Body Languages That Turn Guys On

Body languages play a key role in human-human interaction. According to a body language expert, more than half of all communications are done via body language and gestures. Often times, we use verbal communication every day to express our feelings and opinions. Little did you know that verbal communication takes only 50% of the way we communicate?. An adage says that “action speaks louder than voice”. Therefore, you should learn how to use your body language to communicate especially if you want to impress a guy.

Body languages

What are the body languages/postures that impress guys?

1.     Dress to thrill

Prioritize monochromatic shade for a dress when you going out especially to places where you may need to impress guys. Solid colors signify a solid person. Single shades show more power and dependability. However, wearing an all-black attire creates an impression that you are a no-nonsense person and makes you look like you are not in for a fun except if you are rocking a tiny black cocktail dress. More so, men love women who dare to bare their skin. Thus, wear a strapless dress that shows off your shoulders.

2.     Adjust your cloth

When you are before the guy you want to impress, make an effort to adjust your cloth, like straightening wrinkled part of your skirt. This body language does mean that you want to look good for him. This turns him on and boosts his ego.

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3.     Sit back and relax

Your sitting position also goes a long way in communicating your intentions to that guy. Remember that confidence is the key. Lean on the bar with one arm so that you don’t look stiff and ill at ease. Don’t just go overboard standing with your hands on your waist. If you look too serious, no guy will approach you. When looking at someone, lower your chin slightly and look them straight in the eyes. This kind of look is flirtatious and alluring and turns a guy on. Also, stand in the middle of a crowd and mingle with others. The message you are simply passing across is that you are ready to meet new people.

4.     Show off your vulnerable side

You don’t need to cover the base of your neck. When you conveniently expose this part, guys will quickly sense that you open to men’s advances. Also, when holding a drink, position your hands in a way that the wrists are exposed to the public to further convey a sense of trust.

5.     Slight tip him over

Make sure your belly button is pointed to that guy you wish to turn on. The same thing goes with your knees and feet. Pointing these body parts to the same direction is like facing the guy and willing to spark up a discussion with him.

Bottom line

Body languages are so far the best way to seduce a guy and turn him on. While ladies can feel timid of walking up to a guy and talking him out, simple and silent cues like those discussed in this article can convey your intentions. However, without self-confidence and little tricks, your killer outfit is not sufficient enough to seduce and turn a guy on.

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