Job Interview; 3 Ways to Follow Up After Your Interview

Follow-up after a job interview is very essential. You may have done your own part by attending the interview called by the employers in Nigeria but securing a job in Nigeria is not only limited to this.

Finding a good job in Nigeria is what many people of Nigeria dream of. At the same time, many people migrate to Nigeria to search for jobs but unable to find a job in Nigeria due to the common mistakes they make.

Let us look at the case of two (2) job seekers who have applied for a top position in a big company in Nigeria. After the interview, the first applicant refuses to follow up on his application and decided to wait for the employer/company to call on him. The second person, on the other hand, shares his contact with existing workers of the company and follows-up the job interview after a few days. Which of the two (2) Nigerian job seekers do you think will get the job?

Regardless of the qualification, the first applicant might have, since he couldn’t follow up on the job while the second applicant who has lesser qualification did, the probability that the first job seeker will get the job in Nigeria is very narrow.

The chances that a job seeker in Nigeria will get a job increase if proper follow-up after the interview is done. Instead of waiting for the companies you have applied to in Nigeria to call you, take some steps to follow-up your application as this will increase your odds of getting the job.

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If you are a job seeker in Nigeria, the following guidelines will help you with how to do a follow-up job interview in Nigeria.

1.     Send a Note of Gratitude

After a job interview in Nigeria, sending a note of gratitude to the company some days after the interview will give them a sense of reminder about you. If unfortunately, the employer did not employ you for the job, he/she can employ you to fill another position. Also, he/she can add you to their waiting list for subsequent employment opportunities.

2.     Distribute Your Contact Details

Ensure to leave your contact details, such as phone number, fax, email and address with the company and many of the employees of the company you applied to in Nigeria. The reason for this is that when you do so, it makes contacting you very easy. Also, many of the existing employees will give you updates frequently and you will have more edge than other applicants.

When the company you applied to in Nigeria finds it very easy to contact you via various media, the chance of getting the job is very high.

Also, you can attach your contact details to your application letter and gratitude letter after your job interview.

3.     Maintain a Positive Attitude

Do not lose hope. Always have a positive mind of getting selected for the job you applied to in Nigeria. In case you do not land the job, do not relent. You can request that the company should refer you to other companies in Nigeria with similar vacancies. Or instead, they can notify you should in case there is another vacancy.

Nevertheless, follow-up is not only the duty of job seekers in Nigeria. Even, interviews with self-employed or people who are about to start a business in Nigeria require follow-up. For instance, if you distribute some visiting/business cards, you need to follow them up with calls, texts, and even e-mail. Get more info on how to plan your career here.

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