How to make blogging fun and useful

There are many ways to make blogging fun for you and your readers. You don’t necessarily need to be a scholar or an academician to be a blogger. Let’s be frank, blogging can be time-consuming and even frustrating sometimes. However, there are ways you can make blogging fun and useful.

make blogging fun

Here are some thoughts to make blogging fun:

1.      There is no blog police

Funny, huh? It isn’t anyway. You have the freedom to select whatever you want to blog about. Hence, it is a nice idea to blog on your hobby. This will give you the freedom to research more on what you already know and write comprehensively on your hobby. Make blogging fun and humorous!

In case your blog is taking much of your time or getting you down, pause it for some moment. Remember, there is no blog police! With this, you can get the relief you want before you pick it up once again.

2.      Subject yourself to a challenge.

Set a realistic short-term goal for yourself and evaluate yourself at the end of each challenge. For instance, set a certain number of blog articles or weekly visitors for yourself and evaluate how much you are able to actualize this goal.

3.      Hold a contest on your blog.

A contest is a brilliant way to spark up the light of reactions and diverse views of people. More so, it helps to boost traffic and more visitors will come to your blog during this contest period. If you blog about sports, throw a quiz on “who is the best player world” and watch people spark up arguments and discussions. You will definitely laugh off your stress reading through comments.

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4.      Be flexible

Relieve yourself of those hefty, self-imposed rules and discover that sense of fun and excitement. Writing blog posts can be mind-tasking but make sure you review your content before publishing.

5.      Proofread and Fill all fields

Don’t be in a haste to publish. If you do, your readers may end up spotting and identifying your errors. Meanwhile, you can use software like Grammarly to easily identify major errors. Fill all necessary fields, such as tags and Meta descriptions. What’s more, preview your content to ensure it is properly formatted. Oh! Did you add an image? Look for a relevant image, preferably the pictures you took by yourself to make the post more intimate and usable.

6.      Set up a blogging calendar

Setting a calendar for your blog is a good way to ensure that nothing is left undone. Combining blogging with your offline job can be a very difficult task. However, a blogging calendar can make you schedule your time properly and effectively.

Here are the major tips for setting up a realistic blogging calendar

Your blogging calendar should:

  • Contain relevant information on the topic, anchor words, keywords, references, and case studies.
  • Have specified time and duration
  • Contain periods of assessment and review of the work so far

Nevertheless, a blogging calendar is just a guide. Following the details on the calendar is the ideal way to move your blog forward and make blogging fun.



Blogging is fun and useful! However, you need to play a major role to make blogging fun for yourself and readers. Make sure you blog about your hobby and write comprehensively on what you are good at. Roll out some contests and be flexible with your rules. Proofread all blog posts before you publish them and make sure you take some break when the need arises. Remember, there is no blog police!

Happy blogging!

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