Coconut Oil – Importance To The Skin, Face, Hair, And Lip

Coconut oil is fat which contains about 90% saturated fat. Fat and cholesterol are the major components of human cell membranes.  The major function of these substances is to strengthen the skin cells against the effects of oxidation and inflammation. Studies have revealed that those who consume more saturated fat are less susceptible to face and skin wrinkles.

Coconut oil contains awesome skin healing properties which make it great importance to the skin, hair, face, and lip. More so, the oil is notable for the smooth texture it gives the skin. Although there are varieties of smoothness and fair face and skin creams in the market, many of them are of potential danger to the body.

Coconut oil is a good moisturizer; thereby helping the skin to avoid dry-out especially during winter. It is enriched with oxygen which is very good for the skin. Also, the oil eliminates the blockage of skin pores which often occur as a result of improper oxidation.

Not only limited to the skin, but the oil is also of immense benefit to the hair, face, and lip. Some of its importance is discussed below.

Coconut Oil and the hair

Coconut oil is a good hair conditioner. To use it for this purpose, apply a small quantity of coconut oil to the dry hair and rub it to the areas in need. After the application, leave for about 15 minutes and then wash away your hair with your favorite shampoo and/or conditioner to achieve a conditioned hair that feels good.

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Coconut Oil and the face

Coconut oil is being used as a make-up remover from the face. It is very soothing as well as a perfect cleanser. To do so, you will need to apply coconut oil with a cotton swab to the area of your face this is required. Rub it gently to remove the left make-up from the face surface and then wash off your face with warm water.

In addition to this, the oil protects the face against pimples and helps in quick healing of the face. Although medication is a good option for combating pimples, what if pimples grow on your face? Medicated creams/drugs are not advisable for the face as they can easily pollute the physical expression of the face. Hence, coconut oil is of immense help for combatting pimples and face spots.

Natural oil is highly recommended for the face as it does no harm.

Coconut and the lip

As good antioxidant oil, it can also be used as a lip balm. This will help in making your lips softer and beautiful. A little amount of the oil is enough to produce the result you expect.

Conclusively, coconut oil is compatible with every skin and it does a deep repair of the skin. Avoid using harsh chemicals on your skin, face, hair or lip; natural product Is perfect. It is perfect for improving our physical appearance without causing any damage to the cells underneath. In fact, many synthetic cosmetics make use of this oil as an ingredient, showing that we can use it directly with any addition. Furthermore, the oil gives the skin Vitamin E which is very important to the body. Direct consumption of this oil is also good as it is a free-radical fighter.

To avoid rashes on your skin while applying this oil, ensure to massage/rub it on your skin softly and do not apply this oil along with any other cream or lotion. Additionally, coconut oil is a natural gift with lots of endless benefits to mankind.

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