Can I really make money from blogging?

Do you want to make money from blogging? Do you have a blog or just trying to start one? Are you thinking about how you can monetize your blog? Whether you just want to make extra cash or get to a point where you can make tangible income from the comfort of your home, blogging is a good option to consider. If you are ready and willing to do a little work, then you are good to go.

make money from blogging

If you think blogging is a very easy task, you have to rethink it. Just like other jobs out there, blogging requires work and dedication. Starting from blog design, content writing, promotion and advertisement, and management activities, blogging is a whole job on its own.

If you are looking for ways to make money from blogging, here are few tips to get you started. However, please note that what works for me may not work for you. Specifically, your choice should depend on the broad aim and focus of your blog.

Ways to Make Money from Blogging

1.      Advertising

You can earn money via your blog by displaying ads of businesses and individuals on your blog. There are tons of companies and organizations out there looking for platforms to promote their service. Once you have steady traffic and blog visitors, the opportunities are endless. Various ad types include text links and banner ads and you can charge based on cost per click (CPC), cost per million (CPM) or cost per action (CPA).

2.      Affiliate Marketing

You can convert your blog readers into customers by linking your blog posts to a product or service. This type of blogging is called affiliate marketing. There are tons of affiliate companies out there looking for publishers. Amazon is a typical example of an Affiliate market. Usually, you claim a percentage of the sales generated from your website.

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3.      Write Reviews.

There are various companies and establishments out there looking for bloggers to write a review about them (possibly a product or service they offer) and post it on your blog. You will receive payments for each review you publish.

4.      Sell Merchandise.

This is usually placed under affiliate marketing but here, we are discussing it indecently. There are a few websites and sellers who allow blogs to sell products they are not actually the producer. This means that you can make money from blogging as a third party by advertising and selling products of others. Usually, you don’t need to worry about the physical shipping of physical goods as the seller will handle it. You will hold a certain percentage of what you sell.

5.      Guest Blogging

Since you are now a blogger and you own your own website, why don’t you convert your passion into a money machine by writing blog articles for others? There are tons of people out there looking for blog writers for their blogs. You will be amazed at how much you get for writing for others on a daily basis.

6.      Write & Sell an Ebook

If your blog has constant and consistent traffic, then you must have people who enjoy reading your posts. Definitely, these people must be interested in reading your other works outside the blog. Spare some time and convert some of your most-read blog posts and new ideas into an eBook. You will be amazed at how much you will earn from selling these books.


Final Thought

Blogging can be a difficult task but there is always a reward for hard work. If you are thinking about how to make money from blogging, then the above tips must have answered your inquiries. Get some time and blog about your hobby. You will be happy to pay off some of your bills with the extra income from your blog.

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