7 Interesting Facts about Spiders you Should Know

Want to know some facts about spiders? Read on! Spiders have become very popular in recent years. Generally, spiders are persistent members of the arthropods family known for web-weaving while they wait for their prey to come. There are a lot of illustrations on how they create their own webs over the internet.

By at large, some people see spiders as interesting organisms while some are scared of them. Statistically, about 10% of men and 60% of women have several phobias for spiders and their webs. However, do you know that these spiders have some benefits they offer to men? Here are the 7 interesting facts about spiders you probably don’t know.

facts about spiders

Facts about Spiders

1.      Spider’s body

To start with, it is essential to know that a spider has 4 pairs (8 in total) of walking legs. In fact, this is one of the facts that differentiate a spider from other insects. Furthermore, spiders do not have an antenna as insects. They are more related to the scorpions and ticks. What’s more, the spider’s body is divided into 2 parts; the head and thorax. However, insects have an extra =section of body part known as the abdomen.

2.      Spider protects your house from some insects

Spiders can protect you from some small but harmful insects in your home. For instance, spiders can help you to drastically reduce the population of mosquitoes in your house. As you already know, mosquitoes are a great threat to human health. They cause great complications in the human body.

So, how does a spider helps you out? The webs formed by spiders can, to a great extent, help you to catch a lot of such [harmful and tiny insects which serve as food for them. Thus, the web formed by spiders can help you reduce the population of some insects in your home.

3.      Spiders’ venom is poisonous.

Scientists have revealed that spiders are poisonous arthropods. In fact, their venom can serve as a pesticide. The venom of the Australian funnel spider, for instance, has been investigated to be poisonous to common pests. These venom pesticides are not harmful whatsoever to the environment or human life.

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4.      Spiders’ Venom can be used for medical purposes

Aside from the role of spider’s venom as a pesticide, it has also been reported to be effective in fighting heart diseases. The role of spider’s venom medically has become dominant in recent years. According to medical reports, spiders’ venom can be used to minimize irregular heart diseases and strokes. More so, it can be used to prevent Alzheimer’s disease; a condition that results in loss of memory.

5.      Spiders’ webs are stronger than steel

Pretty amazing? Yes, spiders’ webs are stronger than steel but weigh less than a feather. The sticky nature of spiders’ webs has prompted scientists into research in recent years. They have started producing these webs from goats’ milk for industrial uses.

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6.      Spider is a good source of protein

Yes, spiders are being consumed as food in South America and in Cambodia. This case is essentially true for tarantula spiders that have a big size. Before cooking, however, the hairs on the legs of these spiders are removed before cooking.

7.      Some spiders are harmful to man

Although most spiders are not harmful to humans as they don’t bite unless threatened, the bite is very painful just like the sting of a bee. However, the bite of a widow spider or recluse spider can be deadly. This is why you need a comprehensive pest control mechanism to identify the major spider


These are some useful facts about spiders. Feel free to share with your contacts.

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