Web design gimmicks can make you lose traffic from your site. Read about those common mistakes you are making and how to correct them.

1.     The site takes forever to load.

The first major reason why users get annoyed while visiting a website is page speed. Many users love to be able to get the information they are looking for as fast as possible.

When a user searches for a particular item using common search engines and your website eventually shows up, the aim of the user will be to click on your site and find the content he/she is looking for. When the site now takes forever to load, even with the required content the user is looking for, it might turn the user off and opt for some other sites shown on the search result.

Also, the research conducted by the KISS metrics reports that 47% of users expect a web page to load within 2 seconds or less while 40% of users opt-out of websites that require more than 3 seconds to load.

Although many users often put the blame of a slow website loading on the service providers as reported by Erickson. Yet, when they discover another competitive website loads faster than yours, they may tend to opt for the other one and thereby leading to reduced visitors and conversion rates.

Usually, CSS, images, and JS often result in slow page loading. Google Page speed analyzer is a tool you can use to discover your page-loading errors and suggestions on how to fix them.

2.     Complex navigation and Information Overload

Complexity is another factor among the web design gimmicks that annoy users. When the site layout and design are too ambiguous for users to navigate, users tend to opt-out of such a site. Simplicity is very important when designing and configuring a website. Users must be able to easily locate what they are looking for.

Even the Google AdSense policy frowns at a poorly arranged website with difficult navigation. Many web owners want most of their information on the front page where it can be easily seen. Consequently, this results in a stuffy homepage with too much content or content overload thereby making it difficult for users to easily navigate and locate what they are looking for. 

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Not limited to this, using too many fonts, color scheme, images and adverts on a single page affect the page’s navigation and tend to turn users away.

3.     Excessive Use of Ad Codes among Other Web Design Gimmicks

Excessive pop-ups, content overlay and redirection annoy users. The aim of users is to be able to locate what they are looking for while those of web owners are to be able to make a return and generate income in the form of an advertisement on their website.

For the two to work together, web owners need to avoid the use of too many adverts, most especially pop-ups, popunders, overlay, and redirection. Advertisements in the form of banner or links are enough for your websites provided that you want to keep your website simple and user-friendly.

This forms of advertisement as well as damage the trust users may have on your website. When there are too many irrelevant contents in form of advert on your website, especially when users were not able to get the required content when they visit the ad page, users will become annoyed and lose interest in your website.

Moreover, advertisements increase more click-away, resulting in low engagement (which is part of Alexa ranking factors) for your website. So apart from annoying users, your website will as well be affected as users will not spend more time on our website before they follow an advertisement link.

Too many scripts (from ad codes) also increases the time required for a webpage to load as it contains several JS scripts. Keep your web pages free from harsh/excessive usage of advertisements and many users will be engaged the more.

4.     Complicated Captchas

One of the web design gimmicks web owners make is adding unnecessary and sometimes complicated Captchas codes on their websites. Web owners frequently place Captchas on the registration page, comment page, payment page, and log-in pages. The aim of using Captchas is to add an extra security level to the site. However, most of these Captchas are complicated. Many users are annoyed seeing Captchas that are not clearly visible or difficult to read. Entering Captchas 2 – 3 times without access may turn users away from your site.

Endeavor to adopt a better alternative for Captchas especially when using it as security. Akismet for WordPress blogs as well as Wordfence security is a very alternative to combat spamming and robot visits as well as adding another level of security to your site.

5.     Autoplay Videos

This is another aspect of the web design gimmicks web designs that annoy users. Autoplay is an automated video/audio that plays on loading your site even when users do not want to listen to them. Meanwhile, most of the Autoplay is advertisements and the contents of the audio/video may not be related to the website content.

It is essential for web designers to allow users to decide whether or not to watch videos or listen to audios on their own decision. Trying to force an Autoplay might annoy your users and probably turn them off. Learn more about making web design your main job.


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