North African Food Recipes; FulNabeb and Tagine Sauce

FulNabeb and Tagine Sauce
The FulNabeb and Tagine Sauce are peculiar to the Northern part of Africa. As a whole, North Africa is a combination of the native Berber and the Egyptians. This region of Africa has a strong influence of the Arab and subsequently the European. These factors altogether have a tangible effect on their foods. In this recipe, we bring to you…Read More

Nigeria Food Recipes; How to Make Egusi Stew (Melon)

Nigeria Food Recipes; How to Make Egusi Stew (Melon)
Nigerians love to eat Egusi Stew especially with local dishes like Eba, Amala, Tuwo, and even pounded yam. These food products come from starchy roots of plants, such as cassava and yam. Likewise, Nigerians use a lot of green vegetables, such as okra, spinach, bitter leaf, and other African plants. What’s more, Nigerian doesn’t only rely on products from plants.…Read More

Liberian Food Recipes; How to Make Liberian Cake and Green Soup

Liberian Cake and Green Soup
The Liberian Cake and Green Soup are peculiar to the people of Liberia. Liberia is a historic country almost outskirt West Africa’s central rainforest belt. The capital city of Liberia is Monrovia and one of the poorest countries in the world having just survived a serious civil war. Historically, the country was founded by some African slaves who gained freedom…Read More

Ghanaian Food Recipes; How to Make Black-eyed Bean Dumplings

Ghanaian Food Recipes; How to Make Black-eyed Bean Dumplings
The Black-eyed bean dumplings is the local food of the Ghanaians. Ghana, traditionally known as “The Warrior King” is a historic country in the western part of Africa. It was inhabited in the pre-colonial period by the ancient kingdoms, such as the Inland Empire of the Ashanti, GaAdangbes on the eastern coast, and some Fante states along the inland and…Read More

The 7 Most Important Personal Development Skills

Personal development skills
Personal development skills involve a conscious development of self. Every one of us experiences changes in life but most of these changes are unconsciously experienced. However, conscious personal development requires you to be in charge of your own life and decide how you want it to be. Resolution is a vital skill for personal development. As an individual being, you…Read More

10 Tips for Having a Great Family Vacation with Teens

family vacation with teens
Planning a family vacation with teens can sometimes give you a tremendous headache. With the constant rise in the price of flight and transport, family vacations have become a thing of memory for most families. However, having a nice and fun time with your family cannot be traded for anything. Likewise, if you have teens, the need for a family…Read More

7 Interesting Facts about Spiders you Should Know

facts about spiders
Want to know some facts about spiders? Read on! Spiders have become very popular in recent years. Generally, spiders are persistent members of the arthropods family known for web-weaving while they wait for their prey to come. There are a lot of illustrations on how they create their own webs over the internet. By at large, some people see spiders…Read More

Everything you need to know about Stink Bugs

Stink bugs
Stink bugs are of great economic importance. Whether you are an educationist trying to know more about stink bugs or just a house owner trying to get some details about this household pest, this article will give some brief details you need to know about stink bugs. Generally, the study of insects like the stink buds is called entomology. As…Read More