10 Tips for Having a Great Family Vacation with Teens

Planning a family vacation with teens can sometimes give you a tremendous headache. With the constant rise in the price of flight and transport, family vacations have become a thing of memory for most families. However, having a nice and fun time with your family cannot be traded for anything. Likewise, if you have teens, the need for a family vacation is non-negotiable. Generally, teens love to visit new places and experience new environments. They are often jealous, especially when another family organizes a vacation and their friends returned with a gist of how fun the vacation was. If you are planning a family vacation with teens, there are two possible outcomes. It is either your kids enjoy the vacation or otherwise. Therefore, in order to get the best out of your vacation, we have listed a few major tips to aid your preparation.
family vacation with teens
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Tips for a great Vacation with Teens

1.      Get input from your teens about your plans

You are going for a vacation with teens and it is essential that you have their input on the plans and preparations. Although teens don’t have the voting/decision power as their parents, they still want their opinion to count. Especially when it comes to the destination of the vacation, it is wise that you hear from the teens. This will raise their emotion and feel the spirit of togetherness for the vacation. Otherwise, you may end up on a vacation that doesn’t interest your teens.

2.      Be realistic about how long you’ll be gone

When going on a vacation with your teens, it is essential that you plan a realistic period of time. Teens life is generally tied to their peers and colleagues. Any attempt to separate them from this group can mean a lot of inconvenience for them and the mood of the vacation at large. Hence, plan for a shorter vacation, preferably less than 2 weeks. This will ensure that you get the best of your vacation.

3.      Let each family member decides the activity of the day

When you are on a vacation, it is recommended that you allow each family member to decide on the activity of the day. You can add a rule that if anybody complains during the activity of another person, his/she will lose own opportunity to choose an activity for the day. This will create a sense of competition and ensure that each member of the family participates actively in vacation activities. Also Read: Top 14 Tips for Better Barbecue at Home

4.      Maintain schedules

Although you are away from home, you should not lose your major home traditions. For instance, if you sit for dinner at 7 pm at home, try as much as possible to stick to it when on vacation with teens. The reason is that your kids are already used to this schedule and may find it difficult to cope with this schedule. Likewise, kids need more rest when on vacation. Don’t occupy the whole day with activities, set some time aside for rest and adequate time for sleep. Don’t drag your kids out of bed and set a schedule that is comfortable for everyone.

5.      Bring audiobooks for road trips

Audiobooks are essential items to prepare when going on a vacation. It keeps hope alive and leaves everyone wanting to know what happens next even during long hours of journey.

6.      Prepare First aid and medical box

While you try to avoid injuries and accidents as much as possible, it is always a wise decision to travel with your first aid and medical box. In a case whereby any of the family members are suffering from a particular ailment, you should go along with a couple of medications for such. Remember that home is far and you cannot always rush back home should in case a health-related problem arises. Jet lag is another common occurrence. Research has indicated that most people with internal clocks are more susceptible to jet lag. In case you have such a thing in your family, you should go light with your activities on the first day. Moreover, take enough water, avoid alcohol, and take a stroll often to prevent such occurrence.

7.      Explore your new environment as a family and not at your pace

Curious about seeing all the places listed I the guidebook or those places you have read/heard about? Well, that is how everyone does feel. However, it seems you are in a rush and may miss other exciting things. Reduce your urge and slow down; although you may see less but remember you will also stress less.

8.      Dump some of your attitudes

Everybody has their own turn-ons and turn-offs. Remember you are going on a vacation and it is essential that you dump some of your attitudes at your doorstep while leaving home. Being flexible, especially with your teens, can change a number of things. It can help other members of the family become more open-hearted and open-minded permanently.

9.      Keep a family travel journal

Tens of years to come, you will always be happy to open your family vacation book and see for yourself the memories of the past. Photos and videos can be a great way to save your vacation experiences. However, if you limit your travel journal to only photos and videos, you may end up missing out on cogent an important part of the vacation which comes as a conversation. So, what should you do? At the end of each vacation day, organize a little gathering, and ask everyone to talk about what they saw/experienced so far. Assign someone to take down the notes and keep the journal safe. Reading this journal at later years will come with the fun and picture of the events of the family vacation with teens.

10. Relax

Vacation is a way to leverage yourself in the stress and worries of your daily commitments. Forget your work as they will be fine without you. Give your totality to the vacation and allow your mind to regain the state of equilibrium.

Final Thought

Whether you are planning a vacation to a far or near location, make sure you plan very well. The success or otherwise of your vacation with teens depends largely on your preparations. We wish you a safe trip and a happy vacation.

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