10 Makeup Mistakes You May Be Making Every Day

Makeup mistakes can make you look worse instead of looking better. Here are the common Makeup errors every lady makes and how to avoid them.

Makeup Mistakes to AVOID | Common Mistakes Dos & Don'ts

Makeup cannot be removed from ladies’ fashion. It makes ladies look firm and more confident. There are some dos and don’ts of makeup. A mistake in applying makeup can ruin your entire look and appearance. So, it is wise to be aware of these mistakes and take caution as appropriate. Here are the common makeup mistakes to avoid in women’s fashion.

Common Makeup Mistakes and how to Avoid them

1.    Applying makeup on dry skin

Don’t do it! Applying makeup on a dry face can cause further dryness and flakiness. Apply makeup only on a skin that is already moist. If your face is already dry and flaky, you should remove these dead cells first by exfoliating. Normally, we recommend you exfoliate once a week.

2.    Wrong foundation

This is one of the deadliest makeup errors every lady should avoid. We tend to forget that foundation comes in different shades. Thus, not all foundations are suited for our face. To avoid looking like a clown, it is best to choose the right foundation. When next you go to the store, look for a few different foundations that are close to your skin, and test them out on the side of your jaw.

3.    Overdoing the bronzer

Use bronzer to add warmth to your complexion and nothing else. Applying too much bronzer will make you look muddy or burnt. Of course, you don’t want to look like that. So next time, apply bronzer to only the parts of your face where the sun hits, like forehead and nose.

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4.    Dirty makeup brushes

Most women use a single brush to apply different cosmetics on their faces. Even, some use dirty sponges or brushes. Dirty brushes will only cause a breakout. So, wash your brush and sponges with a mild shampoo and warm water often and use a single brush for a specific makeup item.

5.    Applying too much makeup

Applying too much makeup does not make you look like a real person. Less is more, of course. The only time you should apply more is when you have severe acne. Likewise, don’t add too much foundation either. This is one of the most popular makeup mistakes every woman makes. Act moderately!

6.    Buying make up without testing

This is one of the few expensive makeup mistakes you should avoid. Many people just pick up a new makeup kit without actually testing them. Even if it is the same brand and store, you still have to test. Some makeup changes color and texture when exposed to the air.

7.    Testing makeup in wrong areas

While testing a makeup kit too, make sure you apply them on the right spot. Don’t test lipstick on the back of the hand or at your jawline. Do the right thing rightly.

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8.    Not using a primer

This is a very important stage you should not ignore. A primer ensures that makeup slides on easily and helps them stay longer.

9.    Sticking to one product

Of course, we all have that one makeup we love and cannot live without. This habit could be limiting you from a new world of fashion!

10. Not applying eyeliner according to your eye shape

Many ladies too are fond of applying eyeliner according to their eyes shape. This is wrong! If you have a close set of eyes, the thickest part of the liner should be at the corner to make your eyes look bigger.

Final Thought

These are a few of the common makeup mistakes you may be making. If you find anyone relevant, you should adjust appropriately and improve on your makeup application. We believe real person fashion is what you need to meet the right people and pursue the right course. If you find this piece useful, join us to educate others too.

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